retail • installation • creative direction

Working hand in hand with the Sonos team, my role is to translate the brand’s quarterly initiatives for a retail environment and to develop all the in-store displays, communications and collateral specific to the location including signage, posters, brochures, motion design,
custom fixtures, and window graphics.

Agency: Work-Order
Creative director: Keira Alexandra
Lead designer: Antoine Mauron
Producer: Stephanie Land


Sonos flagship

In Soho, NYC
Sonos Sonos

↑ Products wrapped in the Sonos holiday pattern were used to signal cash and carry in an otherwise hard to distinguish as retail space.
The wrapping paper was also available for customers to take


Sonos Sonos Sonos

↑ Launching a new product:
Playbase was Sonos’ first new product launch since opening the flagship store.
The front space was reconfigured to be clean and minimal like a gallery

Product launch

Sonos Sonos Sonos

↑ Campaign-based:
Working from Sonos’ campaign directive, we retooled the messaging
to work both visually and verbally in a retail environment


Home Theater
Sonos Sonos

↑ Cultural activation:
Various Projects took over the Sonos lounge to enliven the store and create an intimate space

Cultural activation

Various projects

Cultural activation

Brock Fetch
Sonos Sonos

↑ Cultural activations:
Working closely with artists, we bring inspiration into the store

Cultural activation

Sonos Sonos Sonos Sonos Sonos Sonos

↑ Collateral:
From hardware to print pieces, messaging is kept up to date throughout the store